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Passionate employees for enthusiastic customers.


The Sales-Lentz Group is established in various sectors relating to mobility – national and international passenger transport.

This physical mobility plays an intimate role in the movement fundamental to people’s everyday life, their work and leisure time – in many sectors, it is this movement which allows us all to live and work.

Sales-Lentz’ ambition is, simply:

To be recognised as the leading operator in Luxembourg and the Grande Région for mobility and travel. The Sales-Lentz Group is in tune with the country’s needs and has the interest of its inhabitants at heart. In their day-to-day lives and when they travel, people are looking for efficiency and the joy of discovery as part of an uninterrupted everyday experience, full of emotion, both personal and shared.

Another spearhead of the company culture is social responsibility, through which we aim to contribute to sustainable development. This is a strategic policy anchored in the values of the company and the code of conduct, which is based on our principles.

Yes we CARE !

Sales-Lentz Group is a socially responsible company. The company strategy is based on the following key pillars: local integration, dialogue with the parties involved, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a concrete environmental approach.

In order to respond to this challenge at the same time as driving development of the group with the aim of continuous improvement and quality, Sales-Lentz Group has structured its CSR approach according to 3 sustainable development pillars: social and societal engagement, the environment and the economy.

The group has put tools and solutions into place which allow it to directly translate its engagement into tangible results, both on an ecological and social level. An example is

the Bilan Carbone® which has enabled an eco labelling system to be put in place (allowing every customer to know the carbon footprint of the service they use).

Continuous education for employees.

Partnership with ECPAT Luxembourg (association involved fight against sex tourism).

Partnership with SOS Children’s Village in Mersch.

Partnership with St Iosif Children’s House in Romania.

Support for various local cultural and sports associations.

Project support for hybrid buses allowing reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 40% and electric buses offering a zero emission service.